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12-05-2002 Im alive and doin fine.
Wow it lives !!!
Uh yeah anyway
I'm doing well; pretty bored by my CS class.
I've not done any work on bugle4d all semster.
Sorry to my non-existant loyal fans. :)
However I do have other stuff that I've been doing.
I`ve got a matrx class for 2x2 and 3x3 matrixs- pretty weak but still functional.
I dug up a book on 4D geometry at the university library that has exioms and the like.
I'll put some up on the site soon.
In other dreamed of projects, I would like to make a arbitrary matrix class to work with matrices on any size.
I also have completed a very bare-bones linked list at long last. After a little work, that too will show its skinny face on-site.
For the more mathematical people that drop by, do you know of any good books on Geometric Algebra ? Please tell me if you do. :)
I will try and either get bugle4d working or get it organized and online for interested people(ha ha).
Don`t expect a deadline on that unless you want to email me asking to get it done before spring break.
I've got other stuff on my hands at the moment that is interesting.
Cyaz !

Bugle4D News
07-31-2002 Still plodding...
I am alive please don`t doubt it.
I still am dekinking bugle4d and its slowly getting better.
I'll be posting some code pretty soon I hope.
I'm going to be moving into the dorms at ISU( in 3 weeks or so so things will be harried.
For some reason my camera is not working right- I think. :-/
Well anyway...
I hope to post a arcitecture paper soon then the code for the basic classes.


Bugle4D News
07-09-2002 okay better.
I`ve decided to do a design on paper before I finish up the coding on bgle4d.
I`ve been running without a design doc for months and its really really boggen me down.
So now I`m going to pen and paper it pretty detailed like.
I seem to have all the modules I need so I think its a matter of checking my arangements and cleaning it up.
I have some really uhm...let's use that new slang term going around...ghetto...code in there and design in there.
So its rethink my design time.
I also have a pack of really small programs that I`ve developed recently.
They include...
BasicBooks a really really really basic bookkeeping program for my checkbook.
Most of a encryption program...not finished.
Graphical/Textual calculation of a 3d cross product.
That seems to be most of them.
See you all later.

Bugle4D News
06-19-2002 I`m back with code...
Hey everybody.
Got back like a week ago had fun.
I solved a problem in bugle4d when there so I`ve gotta go get my hands mucky with code now. ;)
I`ve got a new computer...
XP Pro Athlon 2000+ 512 RAM GF3. Yes a beauty and stop drooling. ;-)
Anyway I was working on Bowling for Geeks and had to write a text class for GLUT. I present it to you in the files section.
Another program I have been working on is a advanced etch-a-sketch in 3D. What I hope this code will eveolve to is a foundation for a modeller.
If anyone has familiarity with reading hard drive serials please by all means contact me !
I`m going to try and sell programs at college this year and I need some decent copy protection cheap.
Thats all for now.

Bugle4D News
05-19-2002 Outta town.
I'm off on a trip to Virginia tomorrow early and won`t really have acces to a compiler.
However I will do some research on 4D stuff on-bus.
Please don`t be discouraged by the lack of updates to the code.
Yesterday I did a variant on Etch-A-Sketch in 3D no less.
I will u/l when I get back.
In other news...
I`m getting a new system- it should arrive during my trip. It'll be a Athlon 2000+ with 512 RAM and a GF3 XP Pro OS.
I have some updates done on the Bowling for Geeks game.
I'll see you on the other side...

Bugle4D News
05-06-2002 Bowling for...Geeks ?
Yes folks we now have bowling for geeks.
Written in basically 2 hours.
I hijacked some of my old GLUT code then wrote out the different objects then coded in the physics.
Balance issues are there however its my first real game and I am in looove with it.
Source is UGLY I won`t post it for a few but I'll put a screenie up.
And the EXE of course. :-D

Bugle4D News
05-05-2002 Think you that Rome was built in a day ?
I`d just like to let everyone know that finals week is coming up and study is the modus operandi for the next 2 weeks.

I think the displaying prob is in Rotate() I`m picking up some bad values there.
Sometime I`m going to go through and update architecture.doc
and all the onsite code.
My documentation and design is pretty hairy right now and I really need to get it straightened out.

Bugle4D News
04-21-2002 Sigh...
Hectic. Thats what life these days has been like.
School has been madness and I`ve basically crashed in my free time.
However today I`ve gotten some debugging going.
Its interesting to note that for some reason coords of (c d e 0) where c d and e are constants dont show up right.
Right now thats the goal. Get everything to persepct out right.
I`ve fixed the W32 bugs I had a few weeks? ago.
I`ve really wozzed out on my time sense.
As a small programming project I decided to implement a numerical integrator according to the trapezoidal rule.
I did so on both my TI-86 and in C++.
The TI handles function parsing a tad better ;) but my C++ one is a great deal faster.
So I'll u/l the source sometime today.
You will have to manually change the function for what you want then compile to get it to work.
However it does work rather well I think. :-D
I recommend n of about 10 000.
Pick it up over in the files section.

Bugle4D News
04-01-2002 Fixing my...main func ?!
This is amusing.
I`m now trying to code my winmain to fit bugle4d. :-) Its going well but I hadn`t realized that so much code was needed to interface with it.
I'm sure those of you that have written higher level engines are laughing at me now. Go ahead ! Its my first time.
And of course debugging as I go along.
My goal is for a 4d viewer of the axes.
Then I`ll play some with that and start adding modelling components to it.
Cyaz later

Bugle4D News
03-30-2002 code written.....
Looks like I have all the code written that I need.
However...It seems to be buggy. (surprise surprise). So I`m off to the debugger. :-)
But just so you know; its debugging time for the engine. :-/ Time to see how I`ve messed up.
Cyaz laterz

Bugle4D News
03-28-2002 Good news !
I got my link error fixed.
I`m ready to begin testing it into workingness.
Keep an eye on this page- I may have a viewer done by sunday.
I hope at least.

Bugle4D News

03-24-2002 time to work !!
Its spring brake and that means its time to marathon read code sleep and game !!
(hopefully I can skateboard some too)
Anyway enough fun.
Bugle4d is slowly coming along
I`m going take some time to step back and update my architecture document and see about cleaning up my design: its getting hairy.
Sorry log.tx twasn`t updated recently.
It didnt contain much anyway. Talk about weekend coding. X-|
I`ve decided to go with a Euler angle rotation.
I know there are certain inherent problems with Euler rotation; however I don`t want to spend a month researching whatever the 4d equivelint of a quat rotation is. Quinternion with w + xi + yj + zk + ql ???
Dunno. Anyway this week I hope to get the viewer running.
I`m pretty sure most of the stuff needed is coded but I`m not sure.
I think I will release all my bugle4d code under the GPL. I`ll have to re-read it.
I`ve finished a article on 4d rotation.
Please take a copy. ;-) You can find it at the bottom of the source page.

03-03-2002 busy busy busy !
Sorry I hav`nt updated latly but my school`s taken over a large part of my day.
Also I just installed UT. :-D
I`ve u/led log.txt
I`ve a few more classs to polish off and then I`ll be ready to start working on the modeller.
cEngine2API is functionally finished.
I`ll be adding a func here and there as things progress but it is regardable as a finished class albiet not really tested.
In the cXPointX family I have some farly major modifications underway so they are all faily mutable.
I`m going to set up a camera class to handle camera stuff- thats going to be tricky. Ho well. :)
TTY laterz

02-15-2002 etc...
Well I have added a forum to the site.
I have "finished" cMath. Its compileably added to c4Point and c3Point.
btw does anyone know what in what cases template funcs won`t evaluate ? I ran into a non-evaluateably template func today. VC++ didn`t give me a help on the compile error. Gimme a note if you know about this.
Lesse here...
The STL is still being uncooperative.
I think I know how the pipeline will work.
I`m going to need at least 3 new types:
Class c4Camera struct POS4 and struct COLOR4.
For simplicity and readability I think that having structs for passing only color and only position would be best.
c4Camera would be used in the pipeline and would contain 6! rotation angles of the camera along with the camera position.
Hopefully this weekend I can get enough stuff operable that I can run a test app.

02-05-2002 Bit of a change...
I`ve decided to add a section to this site.
Basically it will be news about any 4D/fractal programming projects that I run across. Also any games that and well and truly good I will post news about as well.
As well as that change I`m going to find a forum hoster and get a forum for bugle4D up. At least I will try. ;)
Classes like I said are heavy.
Until next time...

02-03-2002 Ho-humm...
I`m not getting alot of programming time latly between my classes my commute and my music practicing.
In entirely irrevant news I now have a acoustic guitar. :-) wheeee !
In more pertinant news...log.txt is updated.
architcture.doc has become outdated and I ned to work on it.
Mostly latly I have been conceptalizing.
c4Model has been worked on; I am using the STL may it be forever ignored ! Its kinda overfeatured for what I`m using it for but its well known and well documented. As well as kunky. I think I`m going to ahve to do some kudging to get it to work. :-/
ho well...
for exact news...please refer to log.txt
Cya`ll laterz;

01-23-2002 Hanging cool.
Classes started Tuesday.
I have to getup at 6 leave at 7 and I get home at 3/3:30 with a moderate course load.
So the pace won`t be as fast.
However; I think I`m going to make a level 0 class class called cMath which has custom math funcs like abs distance. All that stuff that does not really belong in the point class.
I have the basic conept of cModel figured out but not implemented.
It will support internal lights along with a tri-only type of poly.
On the shadow end of things I don`t have any idea how I would implement shadows. If any of you out there really know your shadow theories please email me !
I`m taking a C++ class this semester I really hope to fix any/all holes in my C++ knowledge. Also I`m taking Calculus 1. fun fun fun !
All the broken d/l links should be repaired.
I will probably release all my source code to the general public under the GPL; I`m not sure yet- gotta re-read it.
On whats been done I have my rendering working at a truly incredible fps so fast i had to get a junk loop just to make my code be useable. :-O Gotta get a FPS lock system going.
My keyboard function still needs work.
I found a error in c4Point::Rotate(). Beware- I don`t think I`m rotating in all the needed planes.
I rewrote c4Point::Perspect() and added a camera in the Qth D. I still need to tune it/test it but its looking good.
I made a FFILE class to output error files.
THeres a program out there that outputs font vertexes I know. I just have to find it read the data and put it into c4Text.
And....T-thats a-all folks !

01-16-2002 Maintaining the site...
I`ve gone through and updated/deleted the site.
Class structure has been updated/uploaded.
The architecture file has been uploaded.
My coding log is up; I hope to upload it about every 2 weeks or so.
I`ve corrected spelling and whatnot on the news page so yes it is a little different than when you last saw it.
Until next time...

01-16-2002 W32 is a pain.
Well using
NeHe's W32 code as a base I`ve made a compileable W32api app.
Not functional though. I don't think OGL is working and my keyboard function is not working either if at all.
My singleton efforts work very well in theory. Only theory however. I have a "few" issues to work out with it.
c4Text GLUT edition works I think.
I did not bother testing it because of the conversion to the W32 API. I will put the source up but even more so than other code I will be guaranteeing nothing.
In a day or two I will put up the basic architecture document so everyone can read it.
c4Model is delineated but its not implemented. I still don't know how I am going to get shared vertexes working. Some kind of dynamic array of special structs I imagine.
Lighting is being ignored for the moment until I can get things working.
The focus right now is to convert to w32 API and then to make a modeller so as to be able to make complex shapes to test lighting and otehr higher-level classes.
Unil next time

01-07-2002 Etc...
I`m still thinking on how to implement shared vertexes so Ii`ve taken a brake from coding the light and the model and gone over to c4Text. Its a pretty simple text class; inherited from c4PointC for position and color.
Right now I`m using GLUT for the core character rendering thats really slow so I`m going to code my own text char renderer. It will probably be a texture with the character set on it. :-)
I know stroked chars would be ok but in my opion I`m not gonna hand-code all the vertexes. ;). I know quads with a texture don't look the greatest but right now I`m trying for simplicity.
So expect to see a GLUT c4Text soon and after that a bugle4D c4Text with a character set.
Until next time...

01-03-2002 Design tyme.
Well I`ve got some long-term stuff worked out.
First off I`m going to make a c4Model class so that I can render models with shared vertexes.
Then I want to make a cText class to tell me whats going on.
Also in c4Light news...I hope to make a rather advanced lighting system using vertex lighting. Don`t expect it soon though. :):):).
I will proabably switch over to the Win32 API from GLUT in the next week or so; NeHe here I come ! I hate Win32 but it alot more flexible.
My immidiate program goal is (besides the essential engine) to make a 4D modeller for long-range testing of the engine. Naturally this will entail my own file format. *sigh*
On a lighter note...drop by my statisics for the site:
Site stats. Until next time...

01-01-2002 c4Light worked on.
c4Light is structured. I plan for global omni and spot. Equation used is the one from my astronomy text suitably altered for color.
See what it does is light from a point source(star). That of course adequetly desribed omni-directional light.
Tomorrow I have a job- i wont be blt to do much. Oh well...