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[vlion@gandalf info]$ bugle4d
bugle4d has been PARTIALLY RESUMED.
Updates will be posted at irregular intervals until Landmark One. 
At that point a look at bugle4d will be taken.
For current research into hyperspace, please look at this link:
This group is geographically rather close to me, and I hope to be able to 
work with them to one degree or another for awhile.
I hope to have the basic code for bugle4d written in one A While.
EOS is goal.(End of Summer).
Landmark One is defined as Color WireFrame 4-shape rendering.
[vlion@gandalf info]$ status -bugle4d
Rebuilding b4d basic files. Files, files, files !!! Lotsa "little" code being written.
Oh yeah. FYI, transform matrices are 5x5 for 4-space, I think. Pretty horrible, yes ?
I'm NOT writing 5x5 matrix multiplications out by hand, danke sehr schoen. I might have a 
(bad) matrix library written somewhere, I'll check it out maybe. At any rate, that means:
Rotation: Euler. Scaling: x = c*x, y = c*y, etc, etc, etc. Easy to read+code.