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Dudes !

This is my extreme strange page...
Please venture here at your own risk.
Stay cool and enjoy the ride.




Gold and silver and copper,
They come down all a-topper,
Glowing in the late-day sun,
As beneath children run,
Calling out hey and wait up,
And other young things.

Drifting down in the hoar,
Beneath them snuffles a boar,
Rooting among this years crop,
For acorns and other tree tears,
His hunger abates some,
As they fall closer to the dirt.

Land in peace do they,
Upon the snow-dusted clay,
They sigh and shrivel,
And quickly they swivel,
In the wind, in the
Leaf-blowing wind.



Silent are the bees,
Among the flowers,
Under the trees.
As the mouse stops,
And he sees,
A human go by.

Clomping in the brush,
Man sees a lily,
And softens his loud crush,
As he gently plucks it,
To bring to his lady lush.
Who likes tigers and cannas,
And other flowery gush.


Oak Leaves In Fall

Like oak leaves in fall they fly,
The years as they pass by.
Where have they flown ?

I look back at them,
See motes of happiness,
Sparkles of joy, gleams of sadness,
Where have they flown ?

Brown, dusty and lonely
As they drift into Time`s maw,
I hear the ravens caw.


As I walk the halls of my mind,
The fog entwines me and sinks into my bone.
Only my footsteps are heard,
there are no others of my kind.
Here, I am solitary, utterly alone.

I come up to a barrow and view the sign:
"Despair, for all is illusuary-
This moment but a dream, life but a lime,
And there is nought to live for, come in,
and do not tarry."

I step inside and observe a bed,
Which is gray, with a sheet of lead.
I lay down to rest, weeping in sorrow.
And I sleep, whilst the world passes by,
On its way to the morrow

I wake; I know not at what,
And see a silver beam reaching out,
Upon the fog it does attack.
To show a golden roof shining, into my gut,
As the fog draws back.

I rise up and begin the long walk,
Not feeling so much like a cog.
My heart lightened, my mind all abuzz,
But I keep an eye on the fog,
It will come back; it always does.

x over y equals pi,
I`m not sure why.

u and v are vectors,
I really think they are bores.

a, b, and c are constants,
As well as k, in every instance.

Eff of Ecks is a function,
It really has too much unction.

cos and sec are operations of trig,
Some of us think they are rather big.

You see, mathamatics is quite the equation,
We make it a large occasion.

Don't you think it funny that it takes twelve years,
To teach what might be done in seven with few tears ?



Thunder booms;
Hammer crashes;
Spark shimmers.

Smith looms;
Lightning flashes;
Sword glimmers:
In the forging.


Kalidescopes flaring in the night,
As flames slash through a wight,
Through riffs of tearing sound,
As the chaos flows through a mound,
Of piles of light slowly flowing.

They say we do not know,
Are sad and narrow.
Why do they care,
Don`t they have enough problems,
Without resorting to making some for me ?
As they scream in depraved glee,
When they go and hurt thee.

Sliding light slowly tinkling,
Smells slowly winking
In the madness of the fire blinking.
Twisting ribbons of floating flame,
Taking colors and blame.

Why can`t they let us be clean,
Not swear, not defile, not mean ?
They want us to go have a good time,
Never mind that I don`t care to spend a dime.
What do they mean anyway- to go and defile
My mind and body with emotions hot and vile ?

Strange fire,
Glancing off alien wire,
Delving through the mad liar,
As it plunges through courscating emerald
Dreams of silver and clover
Through nary the mind of a lover.

When the vortex in my mind turn
And colors flash, fade, and burn
While the torus twists under my concious,
And the kalidoscope tumbles and ideas
Rise to the top of my mind;
After eleven of the clock does wind.
Strange thoughts float to my head,
Full of higher math and alien music,
On a dancing storm of a trumpet lick
I wonder; is this normal...


Pink fields light towards white,
Glowing orb ignites clouds,
Bleak winds keep the sweep of horizon flat,
Air is clear of so much as a gnat,
Overheads, a glimmer from a point of shimmer,
As the day turns from night.



On a colored screen fighting people die,
Screams reverbrating in the soft room.
Other watch, and their mind is burned in the gloom.
Later, they talk and laugh, about trite
Moments that took place in front of them.
They will not speak of the deaths,
Their mind is seared; their thoughts as light as a tomb.

All is brown and grey
I am lonely, and oft fey.
I cannot find comfort,
Only reality.
Courscate illusions glow,
In my mind- books and music
and sleep.

All in time falls away,
Leaving grey realitae.
A root of grey there is,
Buried in the rolling years.
I have not found it- it causes
Many tears.

To set the world right,
Some say it takes but a night,
But the world has had many a day,
And still people slay.

Some say we need humanitarianism,
But we watch good men lose a prism,
And bad men take the money,
And buy a diamond for their honey.

Others believe in the dollar,
And say it makes men stand taller,
And then they have a war,
And then civilians are poor.

Many preach Peace and Love,
Only they go against gov'.
And then- theres a fight,
And we find that its still night.

Peace is not in this realm,
With hatred at the helm,
And hypocrites and politics,
And fools and nonsensical flicks...

Cursed, deserted, mocked,
Lord Jesus trod the way to a place of a skull.
Master in heaven, Lord of angels,
He rendered the law fufilled and null.

Hated, feared, tortured,
The King of all hung on a stake.
One word and he would be saved
The Lord of realms took our evil for our sake.

Earthquakes, ressurection, terror,
Master Jesus Christ died and broke the power of death and hell.
He came to give his last commands,
And left in a cloud with disciples watching to tell.

Gray clouds lowering,
Raining, fogging.
Green earth springing
Up to meet rain.
Thousand lightning flowing,
White and blue and purple.
Thunder rolling like arrows firing.

Wizards singing;
Birds flying;
Elk crying;
Clouds pouring.

Bright light shimmering,
Glowing, shining.
Bluebirds calling;
A tapestry of beauty.

Mountain that has risen upward long ago,
Dark green trees and;
Silver blue streams,
Shining in the shadow of lightning;
The silvyn word made anew.


A glowing strand of wire,
A white flaming fire,
A brilliant sun in thin,
A coming down like the wind,
Lightning falling from the clouds.

A titanium fire in the gloaming,
A white star in flaring,
A wild glow in the heights
A scintillating jewel in the nights,
Lightning glimmering in the airy mists.


In the firmament above they shine,
Glinting chips of sapphire and diamond,
Everbright burning, of jewels the most sublime.
Icy flecks of light on velvet background,
Peering through the haze of time,
Sparkling pricks of white fire in a black mound,
They burn a pale comparison to the Creator whom they mime.

Oh God !

Oh God !
Whose beauty is exceeds the stars,
Whose love is more powerful than the sun`s heat,
Whose greatness is higher than the hills
And Whose vastness exceeds infinity

Oh God !
Who died for me so many years ago on a Tree,
Who endured torment like stinging scorpions
Who rose from the dead millennia ago
Who sits at the right hand of Jehovah-

Who calls me to follow Him.


As the fire roars,
A necromancer stands alone,
Among the rocky tors,
And gives a mighty groan.

As he sees his lifes work,
Undone in a moment.
A mouse pulled a cork-
On a bottled volcanos vent.

And for the grand finale....


The Bride

The bride came up to the altar,
All decked in white and silver was her.

She came decked in soft cloth,
(The likes of her shall we never see).

To her was to be married,
The Lord of Eternity.

He came upon the right,
A manly figure, so strong and bright.

Snowy hair upon his brow, seven stars in his right hand;
Son of God, Lord and Master of all the land.

Hard by the altar they stood, fair and glorious, white and strong.
A more beauteous pair there shall never was, nor will be,
Though the years stretch long.

That day they wedded, 'twas a most great day
Yet soon after they wed, a man came to her(he looked somewhat fey)

And gave her a picture of the groom,
As she sat weaving on a loom.

Said he then "Here is your man, take him while you may,"
That scoundrel did say.

So she took the image, and presently observed the back;
Upon which was wrote, "I have ordained this, so that of me you shall have no lack,"

"Do you not weep, for I am in the frame;"
"Ask the man which brought me, he shall tell you the same."

"Rules shall he tell you, obey them you,"
"And certes, you shall find them not new."

And the bride did ask the fellow,
Who did sit by, observing a cello,

"Whence comes this,"
"This falsity, which bears no trace of his goodly kiss"

"It is your groom," says he, with a wink from his eye
"I find it to be a perfect reproduction of him, so upon your fears fie !"

"Do you not know, that when a man is a groom, "
"To be soon set in a frame is his most happy doom ?"

"His chamberlain giving her laws,"
"Which shall bind her like spider gauze."
(Most light in sooth, most strong in truth.)

Said the most vile miscreant,
In a tone somewhat like a chant.

Then answered she,
"I do not recall you, how are you the chamberlain,
When all know he bears the bridegroom's key ?"

Then answered he,
"Here is a key, now let your fears be laid to rest,"
"And do as he says, it is for the best."

So the good bride took the picture,
Set it on the wall and told all who came to see her;

"This is my husband, who you wish to meet,"
"Now fall down and kiss his feet."

"For he is the Lord of the land,
"And if you show him disrespect, you shall fall by his hand"

The rules she took, writing them on stone,
And whilst she wrote, she did realize that 'twas a sham,
And she was all alone.

Then said she with a cry and a tear,
"I find this wearisome, I shall find a man with good cheer"

"Not this fool, who does stand continually in his frame, "
"Always making me to shame."

"Giving me laws which have no sense, "
"That fall around me like a fence."

"I shall find a man with some fun, "
"Who shall have of wine a ton,"

"Who drinks much beer, "
"And for me shall shed a tear."

So she sallied forth, and found such a man,
'Twas that cur with the yellow tan.

And it came to pass, that the groom, entered the house,
Found the frame and the tablets, they lay there,
And crawling over them was a mouse.

He saw these things and knew what came to pass,
That the woman he married was now no longer chas'

Said he then,
"Forsook she I, yet she lies within my ken.

"A man with a glib tongue and a iron lung
took her, and showed her sparkling dung."

"Which was gold flecked and shiny
But had no truth and was slimy."

So the groom went out calling for his bride,
To find her for to chide,

And he went around the town,
Very high up and very low down.

And at the last observed her
Laying near the cur.

And he called to the bride, saying,
"Come, follow me, bride of my heart."
"Do not run with this one, who from your purity would part"

And she replied and said,
"Ah ! You are but a man of ordinances and laws,
"Who winds me into Regulation's jaw."

"I shall have no part of you,
"Who does this thing that belongs in the loo."

Then said the groom(most noble was he !)
"But my love, who I chased all your life,
"Surely you will not leave me for this author of strife ?"

Then answered she
"Fie on you, get you away,
I have no need of you this day !"

Then the forsaken groom,
With much sighs and gloom

Went to his house and his pillow,
And saw in the yard a weeping willow.

And he said:
"Alas, through the law of this man,
Did me from my bride ban,

As she looked on his iron rule,
Thought it me and thought me fool."


Since you perhaps have read through the mass of poetry above, some terrible, some whimsical, some great.
Please don`t judge too harsh, Some I wrote when it was really late,
And when I was really young,
And weak in the tounge.


(C)2002. Do not copy without telling me and giving me credit.